Our services and programs are comprehensive and reflect the recognition that healing comes in many forms. We are dedicated to providing the support and encouragement needed to ensure that each child feels valued as they make progress toward their goals.

Our formal therapeutic programs are the WIN STAR, WIN, WIN Advanced and WIN Excel programs and are based on several evidenced based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification techniques (positive reinforcement and consequences) and positive youth development.

Likewise, beyond the formal therapeutic programming that takes place, we believe that each child deserves to be a child, to enjoy and celebrate the same events, accomplishments, and milestones as other children. That’s why our activities include birthday celebrations, college tours, and school events such as proms.

All of our residents are enrolled in school or pursue their GED, and older children may obtain part-time jobs in the community.

For residents participating in the Independent Living Project, we also provide assistance with personal finance and budgets, job search, resume writing, interviewing techniques, navigating public transportation options, cooking, cleaning, comparison shopping, and other daily life skills.

Overall Objectives
All programs offered by the Christian Home of Johnstown, Inc. are designed to strengthen the child’s relationships with his/her peers, adults, and family members. Supervision and structure are provided to help the child meet his/her individual and developmental needs. Emphasis is placed on increasing self-esteem, social skills and self-reliance. Residents are given the opportunity to earn privileges by demonstrating appropriate behavior in situations of increased responsibility. The ultimate goal is the successful reintegration of the child into a family and/or community living environment.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive case management services, including:
    • Personalized assessment of behavioral and developmental goals, educational needs, and skills and abilities included in each resident’s six month Individual Service Plan (ISP) and monthly ISP Report Cards.
    • Individual Service Plan meetings with each resident, Caseworker, Case Manager and involved family members
    • Regular progress/court reports developed and sent to caseworkers every three to six months or as court is scheduled
  • 24-hour onsite supervision by qualified staff
  • Comfortable residential group home settings with family-style meals
  • Weekly group therapy
  • Individual and family counseling available
  • Regular sessions involving building self esteem
  • Supervised or unsupervised onsite family visitation when appropriate
  • Educational support services and attendance at local schools
  • Life skills guidance including linkages with community resources
  • College planning; college tours
  • Employment planning; industry tours
  • Medical, eye and dental care and mental health appointments are scheduled with local service providers. If a resident has an established connection with a provider outside our local area such as therapists and orthodontists, transportation will be provided,
  • Shopping and personal grooming services
  • Transportation services
  • Social, recreational, and enrichment activities, including holiday and birthday celebrations, school vacations and summer holidays
  • Community service activities and usage of community facilities, such as the YMCA, local playgrounds and parks
  • Participation in religious services of their choice