About Us

The Christian Home of Johnstown provides a range of residential and outreach programs for children ages 10 to 19. The Christian Home operates two residences, one for boys and one for girls, and serves almost 50 children each year. We also collaborate with our home county, Cambria County Children and Youth, to provide services to young adults ages 16-21 in the Independent Living Project.

The Christian Home accepts children from County Children and Youth agencies and Juvenile Probation Departments.

The Christian Home is fully-licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and our professional staff receive special trainings and certifications to provide the services necessary to meet each child’s needs. We utilize a team approach, which includes an in-house therapist, to create an individually tailored service plan for each child as they enter The Christian Home, including goal setting to help them address any behavioral or developmental needs.

While we pride ourselves on our expertise and training, we are also dedicated to providing the support and encouragement needed to ensure that each child feels valued as they make progress toward their goals.

Our services include the following:

  • Personalized assessment of behavioral and developmental goals, educational needs, and skills and abilities with all participants involved in the planning
  • Case Management
  • Monthly Individual Service Plan meetings with Youth, Caseworker, Case Manager and active family members
  • Weekly Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Self-Esteem Groups
  • Grade school/high school/college support
  • Skills training
  • Therapeutic setting
  • College planning; college tours
  • Medical and psychological appointment scheduling
  • Shopping and personal grooming services
  • Transportation services
  • 24 hour on-call
  • Social, recreational, and enrichment activities, including holiday and birthday celebrations, school vacations and summer holidays
  • Community Service Activities