The Christian Home of Johnstown provides services to youth from age 10 to 21, and our goals and outcomes are different for each child, depending on their age and individual needs.

2015/16 Outcomes
• 74% CHJ youth were successful in the overall program
• 100% CHJ youth participated in community services events
• 87% CHJ youth qualified to work acquired part-time employment
• 97% CHJ youth are in the appropriate grades in school
• 100% CHJ youth who resided at the Christian Home and were of graduation age have graduated
• 100% CHJ youth felt they are in a safe and nurturing environment
• 91% CHJ youth did not conduct any harm to themselves or others, such as runaways or self-inflicted injuries that threatened their safety
• 2% CHJ youth attended college, technical training or enlisted in the armed forces.

Program Diversity:

Younger Youth (10-16)

For many of our younger residents, the goal is to secure their permanent placement with a parent or other family member. As long as these children are under our care, we work with them to meet the goals of their individual service plans, helping them to address any behavioral or development issues and build the skills to develop and maintain healthy relationships with the adults, siblings, and other family members in their lives.

Older Youth (16-18)

The goals of our older residents is to begin the process of establishing adult goals. Keeping in mind that earning a high school is the primary goal of all youth in our care, we also work with the older youth to obtain employment and establish their future educational/professional goals whether it be a trade/certificate program or post secondary education. As long as they remain with us, we will work with them to meet the goals of their individual service plan to develop the skills and attributes they need to be healthy and happy.

Young Adults (18-21)

Some young adults come to The Christian Home as they are in the process of transitioning to independence and adulthood. Some of them may participate in their county Independent Living Program along with our Excel Program which is geered toward youth who have graduated high school and in college or are employed. These young adults have a different set of needs, and we work them to develop the skills and abilities they will need to succeed independently, including assistance in locating housing, opening a checking account, searching for jobs, and others.